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Special edition 2017

So convenient and fresh.
Now to an introduction price.

Shippable within 3-5 business days (Germany) and 4-6 business days (EU)

PR3217FB KÄNGABOX® Professional FreshBlue: Ultra-light only 1.9 kg and large comfort handles. Even with heavy loads. TP1310FB KÄNGABOX® Trip FreshBlue mit Henkel (ohne Verhautung) PR3217FB KÄNGABOX® Professional FreshBlue: More freshness and more comfort PR3217FB KÄNGABOX® Professional FreshBlue: Made from one cast, no internal parts or dirt traps PR3217FB KÄNGABOX® Professional FreshBlue: The smooth inner surface can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. PR3217FB KÄNGABOX® Professional FreshBlue: Knobs for heat and cold flow. Recessed grips for remove containers. PR3217BU KÄNGABOX® Professional FreshBlue: The stacking feet prevent soiling from the base and lid.


“Safe food” has long since become a trend in private homes and for food professionals. After all, avoiding food waste is good for the environment and the community, plus it saves money. It is precisely for these reasons that FEURER has developed the KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional: The smooth, coated interior of the ultra-light EPP thermobox is characterised by excellent insulation properties and a high level of hygiene. This means cold food stays cold, hot food stays hot, and spoilage is prevented. And because it is so easy to carry, the fresh blue thermobox now makes “safe food” even more convenient.

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Advantage with heavy loads:

Large, comfortable handles and an empty weight of only 1.9 kg

Universal Gastronorm format:

GN1/1 format with convenient recessed handles for removing Gastronorm containers

Excellent insulation properties:

Made entirely from EPP with a material density of 60 g/l

Perfect for keeping food cold and hot between -40°C and +100°C, without power:

Temperature increases/drops by only 1 - 3 °C per hour on average

Easy and hygienic to clean:

Dishwasher-safe up to 80°C, with water drainage hole in the handles

Clean inside and outside:

Thanks to stacking feet at the bottom, a lid stacking rim and smooth surfaces without separate insert


Food can be safely stored and transported

For hot, frozen and fresh products:

Ideal for supporting supply chains according to HACCP standards

  • Particularly easy to clean
  • Less contamination when stacking due to clever footprint
  • Dishwasher-safe to 80 °C
  • Dries quickly because water drains off
  • Ideal for supporting supply chains to HACCP standards

Price advantage

35,45 €
Incl. 19% tax
On orders of 200 boxes
Free shipping within Germany
Delivery time approx.14 days
Please order via contact form

Technical data

Item no. Outer
dimensions mm
dimensions mm
weight volume
PR3217FB 675×400×290 540×340×217 1,9 kg 39 liter

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