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Hot Pack

For the transport of hot food

Additional heat when transporting hot food.
HP684: Hotpack 60x40, lxbxh 600 x 400  x 28 HP184: Hotpack GN 1/1, lxbxh 530 x 325 x 30 HP484: Hotpack GN 1/4, lxbxh 265 x 162 x 30 HP284: Hotpack GN 1/2, lxbxh 325 x 265 x 30, passt auch in die KÄNGABOX Easy S Beispiel: KÄNGABOX Expert 60x40 mit Hotpack Beispiel: KÄNGABOX Professional GN 1/1 mit Hotpack HP184: Hotpack GN 1/1, lxbxh 530 x 325 x 30


Hot food stays hot even longer. Thus you can also extend the transport times. Especially handy if your thermobox is not fully charged. Support the supply chain according to HACCP standard.

Easy handling: Heat in the oven at 75 °C for 35 minutes and place in the thermobox.

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  • Practical alternative to the electric heating plate
  • No power connection necessary
  • Simple heating in the oven or steam
  • Ideal for supply chains according to HACCP standards
  • Suitable for all thermoboxes in GN or 60x40 format
  • Red color


Hot Pack HP684 in size 60x40
dimension: 600 x 400 28 mm
weight 5,6 kg

Hot Pack HP184 in size GN 1/1
dimension: 530 x 325 x 30 mm
weight 3,28 kg

Hot Pack HP284 in size GN 1/2
dimension: 325 x 265 x 30 mm
weight 1,70 kg

Hot Pack HP484 in size GN 1/4
dimension: 265 x 162 x 30 mm
weight 0,96 kg