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Stacking frame

For additional volume and height

Makes a small box big and a large one even bigger.


With the stacking frame you can use two different heights depending on your requirements. Depending on the load, attach or remove the stacking frame. You gain 18 cm in height. The thermobox should always be packed full. If it does not fill up, then leave out the stacking frame. This means that there is no unnecessary empty space in the thermobox, the temperature lasts longer and you save space in the car or storage space.

New: Now also suitable for the new version of the KÄNGABOX® Expert EX1257 from production date March 2018.

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  •     Practical accessories for flexible use
  •     Made of robust, stable EPP
  •     Dishwasher-proof
  •     Temperature resistant
  •     Colour: black

Stacking frame GN 1/1

Item no. Ext. mm
BLR1180 600x400x180mm

The stacking frame fits on these thermoboxes:

KÄNGABOX®Expert GN 1/1

Item no. Ext. mm Inner mm Vol.
EX1117 600×400×180 538×338×117 21 l
EX1167 600×400×230 538×338×167 30 l
EX1217 600×400×280 538×338×217 39 l
from 3/18
600×400×320 538×338×257 46 l

__blackline® Ice Box +2

Item no. Ext. mm Inner mm Vol.
BLIB2 600x400x215 2x(360x250x120) 2x8 l

__blackline® Ice Box +3

Item no. Ext. mm Inner mm Vol.
BLIB3 600x400x270 3x(345x145x175) 3x8 l

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