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__blackline Ice Box

For ice cream containers

Perfect for ice cream containers of ice cream shops.
__blackline Ice Box __blackline Ice Box __blackline Ice Box +3 BLIB3, Eiscremewannen sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten __blackline Ice Box leicht stapelbar __blackline Ice Box Einsätze für Kühlakkus


There is only a few millimetres difference between an ice cream container and a GN container. That is we offer the __blackline Thermobox with the special dimension for ice tubs in standard and counter dimensions. The ice packs stand vertically between the ice cream. Ideal for longer delivery times.

When transporting ice cream containers, the __blackline Ice Box offers maximum comfort and safety. The stacking edge with locking mechanism ensures stable stacking without slipping. Expandable to XXL height thanks to the stacking frame.

Available in black in two sizes:
Ice Box +2 for 2 ice cream tubs in counter size and one GN 1/4 refrigerated battery pack
Ice Box +3 for 3 standard ice cream tubs and 2 freezer packs GN 1/4

Ice cream containers and ice packs are not included in the scope of delivery.

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  •     High temperature resistance -40 °C to +120 °C
  •     Rounded corners
  •     Shaped carrying handles for safe carrying
  •     Ultralight
  •     Impact- and scratch-resistant surface
  •     100 % dyed-through material
  •     Dishwasher safe up to 80 °C

__blackline® Ice Box +2
For two ice containers 360x250x120 and one ice pack

item no. outer dim. mm inner dim. mm volume
BLIB2 600x400x215 2x(360x250x120) 2x8 l

__blackline® Ice Box +3
For three ice containers 345x145x175 and two ice packs

iitem no. outer dim. mm inner dim. mm volume
BLIB3 600x400x270 3x(345x145x175) 3x8 l