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Cooling Top

The best place for Cool Packs.

The Cool Pack should be placed in the Cooling Top, so that the cold can fall down.
Kängabox GN 1/1 with accessories BLK 6085 Cooling Top 60 X 40 BLK 6085 Cooling Top 60 X 40


Cooling Top is the best place for cool packs. Set it on the box, put a cool pack and close the box. It is recommended for the transport of fruits and vegetables. Now the Cool Pack can not touch the food.

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New: Now suitable for the new KÄNGABOX® Expert EX1257 with the production date from 03/2018.

Cooling Top for KÄNGABOX® Expert GN 1/1
EX1117, EX1167, EX1217, EX1257 from 03/2018
and Blackline IceBox

Item no. dimension mm
BLK1085 598x398x85mm

Cooling Top for KÄNGABOX® Comfort GN 1/1
CF1117, CF1217, CF1257

item no. dimension mm
BLK3088 684x400x88mm

Cooling Top for KÄNGABOX® Expert GN 1/2
EX2117, EX2167, EX2217

Item no. dimension mm
BLK2085 390x330x85mm

Cooling Top for KÄNGABOX®60 x40
EX6080, EX6120, EX6160, EX6200, EX6300

Item no. dimension mm
BLK6085 685x485x85mm

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