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Robust yet lightweight: Thanks to the high material density and strength displayed by EPP, the KÄNGABOX® is dimensionally stable, shock-absorbing and scratch-proof. Providing sensitive contents with optimum protection. Manufactured from a single piece without seams or joins, the KÄNGABOX® is extremely shatter-proof as well as being eminently suitable for heavy loads.



Need to transport a lot in a small space? No problem with the KÄNGABOX® as the intelligent stacking system guarantees space-saving and safe transport. The base and lid are perfectly co-ordinated to prevent boxes from sliding.



Protects contents – and the environment: the entire KÄNGABOX® range is manufactured from expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP is not only stable and temperature-resistant, it is also gentle on the environment. And even the manufacturing process is energy-saving as EPP is 100% recyclable and free of harmful substances.



The KÄNGABOX® range covers all of the standard formats for the restaurant and food trades. But those who request individual solutions make the right choice when opting for the KÄNGABOX®: plain or multi-coloured company logos and advertising imprints, special formats and colours – there are no limits to individual designs. Edition of 200 pieces, for selected products.



The KÄNGABOX® has excellent insulation properties in a range from ice-cold -40 °C to boiling hot +120 °C. This has also been confirmed by measurements. The mean loss or raise of temperature will be between 1° to 3° C per hour, provided that the KÄNGABOX® is duly filled.

easy handling

Easy handling

The KÄNGABOX® is easy and safe to handle. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight and ergonomically-shaped non-slip handles, for example. And care is equally easy as transport: dishwasher-safe to 80 °C and easy to clean, the KÄNGABOX® is soon ready for its next application.



Neither heat nor cold: Nothing permeates the KÄNGABOX®. This is attributable to the perfectly-closing and firmly-positioned lid as well as its high material density.